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HOW TO GET lvl 500 EXOTICS https://youtu.be/RU-oaTM_9ZI
****Please note that this is pre-WT5)****
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Hey guys, just wanted to make a guide showing you how to get every single exotic currently available in Division 2 with no fluff and no bs. I walk you through every last one of them and even the ones that are currently not available.

If you only take one thing away from watching this entire video its that you should absolutely unlock the chatterbox ASAP.

I walk you through how to get the chatterbox, merciless, lullaby, liberty, sweet dreams and ruthless exotics and show you the location of each.

You can only equip one exotic weapon at a time so when I say a particular exotic isn't good I don't necessarily mean its bad in every scenario, its just that in comparison to something else its bad (because you have to decide between them).

Overall if you follow this guide you can probably get all of them within a day, obviously the RNG ones are still RNG but if you farm a quick mission even those should drop fairly fast.

You do not have to necessarily be at 450 to get these weapons, if you're lower level you can still acquire them because as soon as you get one to drop it unlocks an upgradeable blueprint so you can continue to build and upgrade them as you level up.

Chatterbox - Loot faction keys and open hyena caches to get parts, bank mission for final blueprint.

Merciless - Random drop from hyena bosses.

Sweet Dreams - Random drop from Outcast bosses
(Shoutout to @existenceghost for lookin out!)

Ruthless / lullaby - preorder

Liberty - clear capitol building, acquire high end D50 pistol through prayer, then do american history museum, viewpoint museum and space administration on hard.

I would suggest doing everything on hard and above, some people are stating they've received parts from lower but I would do at least hard just in case.(and its really not hard so just do it)

Thank you guys for continuing to watch my content, I appreciate every single sub and I'm trying to answer all questions. Any video suggestions or questions you have about The Division 2 please ask! I'll make videos for them! More guides to come!
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Chatterbox - 0:42
Liberty - 3:35
Merciless / Sweet Dreams - 4:45
Lullaby / Ruthless - 7:21

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Wonder if anybody reads down here.


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